Muskegon, Oceana, and Newaygo counties have amazing resources, both human and natural.  I value community collaboration and believe that it is the best way to maximize the potential of our resources.  Through my collaborative community projects in public health and education, I believe that I am the person who can bring our communities together by strengthening the connections between people in the community and the policymakers in Lansing.


Even though I understand it is an uphill battle towards positive community change, I am no stranger to the good fight. My whole life has been so much about fighting for what is right and just. Most of those moments, I have not had to fight alone.  So I am asking you to come along as I embark upon this next battle and here is what we are fighting for:


      • Quality public health


      • Quality public schools 


  • Quality jobs 


As I walk this path to the Senate, I walk it with you. Because when I get to Lansing, I am very clear that I am there because you sent me.  I promise to fight for legislation that makes it possible for all of us to raise healthy families who have access to quality education for our youth and good jobs that enable us to provide for those we love.

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Of the Community

Poppy was raised in Muskegon. She is a graduate of Muskegon Catholic Central and her sons are Muskegon Big Reds.

By the Community

Poppy has a history of giving back in the form of community organizing.

For the Community

Poppy understands that elected officials are suppose to be there to stand up for the working class, empower the disenfranchised, and work for the betterment of the entire community.

Of the Community

Donate now and become apart of the change.


Thurgood Marshall Fellow,
Western Michigan University

Agent of Change,
Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce

Bread and Roses,
Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus

Volunteer of the Year,
Yo Puedo


Poppy and Alfredo have been married for 18 years and have two sons. Their younger son is an award-winning soccer player, kicker for the Big Reds and junior at Muskegon High School. Their older son graduated from Muskegon High School and is a sophomore at Columbia University in the City of New York.


Graduated from Muskegon Catholic Central
Bachelors of Arts from University of California Berkeley
Masters of Arts in Organizational Change Leadership from Western Michigan University
Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist


When Poppy has spare time she spends it with her family which can include anything from watching soccer to attending band performances. She also loves to read and hang out with her godchildren.